04 Apr

John 1:40-42

Many people from various world cleft become Evangelist. Among them is be leaving everything totalizely, there is also becoming Evangelist a few moments in selected activity or project. There is which go the epistle so far to unknown areas and there is becoming Evangelist for vinicity environment. Evangelist is the naming of for the people telling a story concerning Jesus Christ love in his life pursuant to experience of of as one who have been saved.

Is that is what done Andreas. After he follow the Jesus, he believe that the Jesus is Mesias. Its trust is not kept by xself but alloted to him brother, Petrus. In this case, Andreas have come to inspirator safety for Petrus. Andreas make way for Petrus to meet with the Jesus.


have how long do you become God follower? As God follower of course you believe and believe the safety God have given to you. Safety news is deservedly is not dimmed by but becoming the news for your family also. Become Evangelist for family you is through behaviour and attitude, say the word, even the togetherness bring peacefulness to their.

Make way for your family to meet with Jesus Christ. Thereby, you and family can together involve the call become God pupil.

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